Shooting concerts old and new

Time was when you could smuggle your film SLR into big name concerts and shoot by available stage light. I used to uprate transparency film like Ektachrome 200 or 160 tungsten to around 1600 ISO (or ASA as it was back in the day). Somewhere in my not so organised archives I have images of Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel Van Morrison and Caravan among others. But for now here are two of my musical heroes, John Martyn and the Grateful Dead.

John Martyn, sadly no longer with us, was a unique artist with a wonderful mellifluous voice and musical style. He blended folk, blues and jazz and produced some of popular music’s most influential albums, notably Solid Air, One World and Grace and Danger, among other timeless gems.

The Grateful Dead were simply a Californian institution or ‘experience’ as a fellow fan once described them. They emerged from the sixties San Fransisco psychedelic scene but had their roots in bluegrass,  folk and country with elements of improvisational jazz and reggae. They were famed for long improvisational jams, showcasing the late Jerry Garcia’s delicate and complex lead guitar. They were very much a concert band; their reputation based on the live experience.

Also shown are some considerably more recent shots of local bands in small venues. Forget the flash and push your ISO to 6400. This will preserve the nice ambiance of the stage lighting. These are also in my menu item Live Performance under Personal Work. If you would like me to cover your performance or take some publicity shots, get in touch through the contact page. I realise that local bands have limited funds and I’m happy to tailor the service I provide accordingly.