Bluebells – the vivid symbol of spring

Bluebells are frustrating in a photographic context. They can be difficult to capture satisfactorily. The problem is their immediate environment. Nature is tends to be messy and nowhere more so than your average bluebell wood. Because these vivid blooms thrive in shade and canopy cover, their immediate surroundings tend to be festooned with twigs, branches and other untidy details. These can prevent your composition from ‘gelling’ and becoming cohesive.

I tend to to resist the panoramic approach, unless I can find an ideal beech wood where those bold trunks contrast perfectly with the textures of the carpet of blooms. Here I have some examples of my approach – distillation of detail and selective focus which concentrates on relationships of tone and hue. Hopefully there is still a sense of the silence and deeply vivid colour while avoiding the struggle for attention between trees and flowers.